JIMMY BARNES I’m Surprised

Lyrics from rocknrolladam Sites JIMMY BARNES I’m Surprised Lyrics, singer by JIMMY BARNES

Well you come to me
With your accusations
And you sit me down
Put your finger in my face
And you say you want some kind of explanation
Oh but darling
Your suspicion is misplaced

So I’m surprised
You don’t know me better
I’m surprised you think I’m that kind of man
I’m surprised that you don’t believe me
I’m surprised that you don’t understand

Yeah and I’ve been trying
To read the way your face moves
It might tell me
Just how long I’ve got to breathe
And what you’re feeling about me

Well by now
We both know I was lying
And everything you nailed me with was true
And so I throw myself darling at your mercy
And I’ll understand whatever you will do

So I’m surprised
You still want to see me
I’m surprised you’re gonna let me live
I’m surprised your daddy hasn’t killed me
I must say I was pleasantly surprised



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