Lyrics from rocknrolladam Sites JIMMY BARNES Tears We Cry Lyrics, singer by JIMMY BARNES

I was alone, then you came along
So unexpected but you made me strong
Never took for granted what I thought was mine

We’d stay together was the plan I had for you and I
Everything seemed right

How could a love that was so special, that it gave you life
Just be taken without warning
I sit here alone and still wonder why

With all the tears we cry
Wash away the pain inside
All the questions are left behind
Floating in the tears we cry

Don’t feel the anger and I don’t feel the pain
Just an empty space where your loving arms would make my day
There’s not a single trace

Now I try to keep believing
It was meant to be
If a God’s so demanding
I’d face all he has just to keep you with me

Every time I close my eyes, I see you there
Then I wonder why
I never keep you
Safe and warm

Nothing’s gonna change the way you came and went
Just like a summer’s day
Just an empty space now that you have gone

Oh, now I keep trying to believe it was meant to be
If there’s a God up in heaven
All I know is he ain’t looking at me


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